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Professional Master for Executive Assistants

Welcome to an ambitious, strategic, and innovative online learning programme. University professors, industry researchers, and expert thought-leaders from around the world have united to develop this ROI-focused course, aimed to deliver immediate, tangible results

6 hours/week, for 10 weeks

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The Professional Master for Executive Assistants online learning programme comes out of more than 70 years of accumulated experience in training and developing Assistants and Executive Assistants. As the job markets around the world are ever-changing, being digitized, globalized and automized, as management support professionals we evolve too.

Uniquely human skills and behaviours, the fundamental characteristics of a modern Executive Assistant, are up-valued on this job market and within organizations around the world.

This online learning program has got its base in job market data and analytics, extensive qualitative studies of what kind of support modern executives and organizations want and need, and a continuous dialogue with colleagues that are in the job right now, from all markets.

Ensuring that concepts, models, and strategies developed and presented are rooted in your day-to-day operations, immediately useful and valuable to you and the organization.


The Professional Master for Executive Assistants online learning programme is built on three fundamental perspectives.

The resulting view is an updated view on the role, and a future-proof Executive Assistant delivering value to the organization in updated, new and innovative ways:

Strategic | Elevating support to strategic support, emotional intelligence and autonomy.

Supportive | Enhanced, not replaced by technology. Resilience and being an executive speaking partner in disruptive and volatile times.

Visionary | Growth mindset, identifying ideas in organizations and preparation as a competitive advantage.

In video lectures, webinars, podcasts, editorials, interactive learning channels, assessments and manually graded assignments you earn a tangible Professional Master’s Certificate alongside colleagues from around the world.

Download the introductory brochure for a visual outline of the course and of our ambitions for the future of Management Support – here. Or email any questions you might have to hello@execuni.org.




The Professional Master for Executive Assistants online learning programme has been developed by Företagsuniversitetet (The Business University of Sweden, part of Stockholm University, Est. 1982), Adam Fidler Academy and IMA – International Management Assistants (Est. 1974). Alongside a renowned group of experts, professors, thought-leaders, industry professionals, and international colleagues. Accumulatively, the leading co-creators of this programme has got more than 70 years of experience in training and developing Assistants and Executive Assistants.
  • 6 hours/week for 10 weeks

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  • Experience from working as an assistant or an Executive Assistant. Alternatively an ambitious intention of moving into the profession at a high level, at a high pace.

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Course Curriculum

2 Lessons / 1 Quizes
Professional Master Lesson 1 50 points 2m
Professional Master Lesson 2 50 points 2m
Professional Master Quiz 50 points 5m